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A Real Charmer from the Proof + Pantry Guys

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The Cowboys... just, wow.

We could talk about that all day.

And we will amongst ourselves.

But for now, it’s all about Madrina.

It’s French. It’s Mexican. It’s the new looker of a restaurant that’s doing compelling things in the fields of cocktails and cookery, soft-open now and officially opening Friday in the Shops of Highland Park.

Take a peek inside. It’s a nice place. That’s evident by the attractive wood and tile work, that conversation-piece lighting and the big white bar. And let’s not discount that Carrara marble chef’s counter that looks into the kitchen. That would be foolish.

The Proof + Pantry guys are behind this spot, which is a good sign. The kitchen’s making you French-Mexican things like oxtail empanadas, headcheese tortas and a potato tamal with crème fraîche and caviar. (See the menu.) And the bar is flush with good brandies and agave spirits, plus vermouth on tap and other things you want in your glass.

Also, that well-stocked wine cellar has a secret. See, inside you’ll find a table with room for eight. So should you require an unexpected spot to host some kind of crucial client or in-law dinner, well, this could be it.

So it’s really more of a table than a secret.

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