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Olivella’s Has a Pizza Truck Now

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“Too much of anything is bad, but too much pizza is barely enough.”

Mark Twain said that.

Okay, he said that about whiskey.

But that’s only because pizza hadn’t been perfected yet in 1800s America.

Free both hands for Olivella’s Pizza Truck, a roving enterprise that’s plying you full of Naples street food (which, thankfully, includes a fried pizza), debuting this Saturday at the SMU football game. Here’s a look.

You know these Olivella’s guys. They make good pizza and sell it inside restaurants. That’s a fact. But it’s not the whole story, since they’ve now got a truck that’s been outfitted with a straight-from-Italy wood-burning oven. It’s tasked with baking up pizzas like a compelling margherita-and-black-truffle number.

You can also eat arancini (risotto balls), zeppole (little Italian donuts) and chocolate salami (chocolate salami). And you should.

To find them, try Facebook. But we’ll give you a head start. Beginning this Saturday they’ll be handling pizza-related concessions at SMU football games, and next Sunday they’ll be supplying the snacks at a showing of Casablanca at the Encore Park amphitheater.

Here’s where we could make a joke about not bogarting pizza.

But we won’t.

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