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An Attractive Thai Spot on Oak Lawn

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After a weekend full of hot dogs and colorful explosions, let’s continue the celebration with that most American of activities.

Going out for Thai food.

Welcome Kin Kin Urban Thai, a from–Fort Worth restaurant that’s feeling generous with the noodles, curries and drinks, open as of today on Oak Lawn. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

This isn’t your average Thai place. The attractive circular bar and gold wall hangings probably tipped you off. If not that, then surely the menu, which, in addition to some usual suspects, is sporting a burger sandwiched between a couple of sticky-rice buns. It’s hard to imagine a lunch that wouldn’t be improved by that.

When you swing by, sink into one of those horseshoe-shaped leather booths along the mural-covered wall. Or sit beneath the pagoda roof. There’s no shortage of visual stimuli inside. But even that won’t distract you from plates of short rib green curry and crispy whole red snapper with chili-tamarind sauce.

And if you’re with a big group, request that looker of a room to your right. There you can pull up cushions and sit on the floor for an added dose of authenticity.

Also good if you’re afraid of heights.

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