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Ramen and Chandeliers in the Mission

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Sundown, somewhere in San Francisco.

Your heart starts racing. Palms damp with sweat. A wave of curry-induced panic sets in as thoughts of shochu and ramen spin through your head.

And... that’ll never happen.

Because this is the part where we tell you about Spice Jar, a new establishment wherein you’ll eat bao and drink sake and leave a better person for it all, now open in the old Local’s Corner space in the Mission.

They left some of Local’s Corner intact. That’s to say, it’s still bright and airy and is generally aesthetically pleasing.

But now, you’ll park yourself at the communal table under the manzanita-tree-branch chandelier. You’ll try the jalapeño-infused plum wine. Or some sake and shochu.

Then you’ll realize that it all pairs quite well with tonkotsu ramen, six-hour-braised sparerib bao and that lunch date you happened to bring along.

And basically everything else.


Spice Jar
2500 Bryant St
(at 23rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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