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This Pop-Up Doesn’t Know When to Quit

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
None You know that feeling when you’re lounging in a mid-century walnut chair, having staring contests with taxidermied woodland creatures while trying to decide between taking home a fighter pilot helmet or a stuffed elk?

They’ve got that feeling here.

Succumb to the conversation-piece-y embrace of the Brick + Mortar Pop-Up Series, a new shop where interesting things come in, stay awhile, leave and are then replaced by other interesting things, opening Saturday on the Westside.

It’s in this big, bright space near West Egg. And it’s perfect if you’ve got a thing for vintage nautical flags, items made of waxed canvas and the occasional stuffed elk.

And yes, it’s from the guys behind Brick + Mortar, whose sundries of a varied and delightful nature will remain in-house, while others will rotate in every month or two.

First up is Honeycomb Studio, makers of ceramics like porcelain deer antlers (for your desk), and Andover Trask, with their natty canvas bags (for carrying your antlers). Then, around mid-August, it’ll switch over to Elk Head Clothing, followed by Brother Moto.

Plus, they’re throwing a grand-opening party on Saturday with gratis food from JCT., beer from Monday Night Brewing and drinks from Project Sip.

No sparklers, though. You’re done with sparklers for a while.


Brick + Mortar Pop-Up Series
1100 Howell Mill Rd, Ste A06
Atlanta, GA, 30318

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