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BierBeisl Is Back... and There Are Burgers

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Summer sequels.

Sometimes that means more credible velociraptors.

Sometimes it’s tremendous Austrian beers and pretzel rolls with pork belly.

Cut to BierBeisl Imbiss, a new, casual side of everybody’s favorite Austrian bearing sausages and beers of unusual size, soft-opening Thursday in Downtown’s Spring Street Arcade. And it looks like this.

Imbiss is a Germanic word connoting snacks.

BierBeisl is a Los Angelic word translating into Bernhard Mairinger hand-making meals for people who really, really like them.

Together, the two words mean this wood-buttressed, antler-dotted, beer hall/bakery crossbreed.

In the morning: coffee with strudel or seed-studded breads baked behind that back window.

Around lunch: a grab-and-go schnitzel sandwich.

Early evening: this is when it gets really good.

You’ll be handed an elaborate wooden tray Mairinger came up with, and you’ll advance along the counters. Drinking sustenance like Hungarian sausages, pork-beef-egg burgers and pork belly on pretzel rolls (here’s the menu) will be required.

Because there’s a long, long, long table—really can’t oversell how long this table is—outside under the arcade’s striking skylights. And your future involves Austrian dunkelweiss, Czech pils and the restaurant’s own beer. You can order 66-ounce servings if you’re planning on staying.

Or swimming.

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