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Bourbon and Fire-Cooked Everything on Market

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A tweet that you may be tweeting in the very near future:

“Trapped in a brewery under the Twitter HQ. Don’t send help.”

Add location: Dirty Water, a dark and brooding new lounge that’s part microbrewery, part bourbon bar and part huge-cuts-of-meat-cooking-over-a-stone-fire-pit-in-the-kitchen. It’s slated to open Monday and, right... it’s tucked away in the back of the Twitter building.

There’s many a varied thing going on here. So first, take in this slideshow and this menu. Then, take notes if...

You’ve got a wine-loving date.
Breach the doors and follow the smell of wood-charred ribeye. That’s right, toward the back. Notice all the heavy wood and the tufted leather and the 50-foot limestone bar. Candy-cap-mushroom-infused rye will start making its presence felt. So will 100 wines by the glass. This is going to work out just fine.

You prefer your post-work drinks in breweries.
Where your beer options are plentiful. Fifty-two-on-tap plentiful. And see those massive brewing tanks in the back? The beer comes out of those.

You’re craving fire-cooked meats.
Happens. Over in the open kitchen: family-style pig ear fritto misto, family-style suckling pig roast, family-style axis deer tartare.

What a lovely family.

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