Things to do for June 25, 2015

The Weekender

A Bunch of Weekend for You to Go Nuts On

The weekend wants to get back together.

Two New Places for Eating Food

Two New Places for Eating Food

It’s a bumper crop of new quick-serve spots:

Nando’s Peri-Peri opened a Lakeview location after taking the West Loop by storm with its spicy South African/Portuguese chicken.
Snap Kitchen, a cold-pressed-juice-and-other-healthy-things shop, opened in the Loop, joining its two Lincoln Park locations.

They grow up so fast.

Something Beer Garden This Way Comes

Something Beer Garden This Way Comes

Discerning taste cannot be bought. You either have it or you don’t. So if you’re at the Randolph Street Market this weekend sifting through vintage furniture and drinking cold beer in their new beer garden, you definitely have it. It’s okay if you’re faking it, too.

Baked Bean Bloodys Are Involved

Baked Bean Bloodys Are Involved

What’s that? You want brunch this weekend? Guess that means you want Bloody Marys. Bin 36’s new brunch has plenty—including one with baked beans. You probably also want a chorizo benedict. Well, Barcocina’s new brunch has that. All around, good news if you’re a person who exists.

Sat-Sun, 10am-3pm, Bin 36, 161 N Jefferson St, 312-995-6560; Sat-Sun, 11am-3pm, Barcocina, 2901 N Sheffield Ave, 773-687-9949

Hot Doug’s. Beers. Music. You.

Hot Doug’s. Beers. Music. You.

Once upon a time, there was a magical man named Doug. He made enchanted sausages the whole kingdom loved. One day, he went away and all the children in the kingdom were sad. But every once in a while, he’d reappear in a beer warehouse with live bands. Moral: go to this thing.

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