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One of These Shirts Will Fit You Perfectly

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Today’s all about shirts.

Small, medium, large and the 75 in between.

Enter Stantt, a new easier-than-custom shirting maker who’s working with 75 different sizes and popping up now through July in Midtown East.

This is a tale as old as time: a couple marketing guys are driven nuts by the near impossibility of finding a shirt that fits just right and then Kickstart a company to make the shirts themselves.

The idea here is that you’re not separating your shoulder trying to measure yourself or flying to Milan to be fitted. You’re just going to have this guy do three measurements in about 30 seconds and then, surely, one of the 75 sizes of shirt they’ve got (which are all named after NYC streets, for what that’s worth) is going to be damn near perfect for you.

They just released a few sport shirts and are planning on expanding rapidly in the near future. They won’t have them immediately on hand—you’ll see why when you see the size of the pop-up—but a finely crafted, Italian-fabric piece of habiliment will be in your possession and fitting you to an envy-inducing degree within a week.

Relax, you’ll make it.


501 Lexington Ave
(between 47th and 48th)
New York, NY, 10017


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