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Much Sushi and Much Champagne in SoMa

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Before we begin, our lawyers thought it prudent for us to agree on a safe word.

Let’s go with: “giant clam.”

Got it?


Now we can proceed to Omakase—a minimalist sushi joint where you and an adventurous date will gracefully relinquish control of your palate to the whims of three highly decorated chefs. It’s open now in SoMa. (Here’s your slideshow and your menu.)

Aside from a few wooden sake boxes and pottery rice makers, this place is pretty sparse. Really, it’s just an L-shaped bar where you’ll sit across from some chefs while they slice delicious things for you.

Make a reservation, and when you arrive, a kimono-clad waitress will greet you with some champagne. Then you’ll take a seat, make some tough decisions about how hungry you are (the courses progress based upon exactly that) and let your designated chef take care of the rest.

Likely, this will involve sashimi flown in fresh from Tsukiji Market in Japan. Perhaps some squid nigiri. Maybe a lobster-related appetizer. More champagne and a carafe of junmai ginjo sake will definitely be in order...

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you’re prompted to eat a still-moving giant clam.

Probably should’ve chosen a different safe word.

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