Tabachines Cocina

Taba for Two

Date-Friendly Mexican on a Downtown Patio

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All right.

Just a few more hours and you can call it a wrap.

You know, once you resolve the matter of your Mexican hamburger.

Leave it to Tabachines Cocina, your new source for warm tortillas and the fresh things that complete them, now open in Downtown from Homegirl Café’s Patricia Zarate. (See the slideshow.)

From the sidewalk, you’re gazing through glass into this orderly square of subway tile, cacti and wood carvings of conflagrant trees under Broadway bulbs spelling the restaurant’s name. But you already know the name. You’re there.

If you’re keeping this casual, hit the bar. Order a beer with some seed-bedazzled guacamole or street corn to start. Before advancing into an eggy chorizo hamburguesa or assembling your own tacos al pastor. Pause for commendations on your taco engineering.

If you’re stepping it up a notch, it’ll be more like pinot with pan-seared sea bass or a nice cochinita pibil with habanero salsa. That’ll go down on their Spring Street patio covered in beautiful ironwork vines.

Notch, stepped.


Tabachines Cocina
517 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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