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The DMV.

The bank.

The... B. Patisserie.

Only one of those lines results in a pleasurable experience.

So here’s another line to get excited about.

Here’s B. on the Go, a new corner café from the B. Patisserie team that’s prepared to inundate your nostrils with the scent of roasted meats—it’s all starting this Friday.

First, you’ll burst through the doors and into the bright space with tin ceilings and Spanish-tiled floors. Or maybe you’ll file in, in an orderly fashion. (Here is your slideshow.)

Once your nose adjusts—and really, let your nose have its moment—head to the counter.  Save for the communal table, they’ve allotted most space for slowly spinning meats and bread loaves, so it’s likely going to be a takeout situation for you today. (Here is your menu.)

And then, decision time. There’s a Sandwich Grec (rotisserie chicken, herbed yogurt). Or the Cubano or porchetta. And of course they made the bread.

Which reminds us, yes, there’s pastries and desserts here, too—crème brûlée, chocolate-banana pudding, ginger-molasses cookies...

And soon, they’ll have wine, beer and meat by the pound.

Which are just the three things they’re missing.

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