Cafe du Nord

Nord to Death

A Sexy Oyster Lounge Buried Under Aatxe

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Your oyster-shell-infused martini has run dry.

And your night is about to get much, much better.

It’s almost midnight at Cafe du Nord: the historic subterranean hang in the Swedish American Hall is back, and it’s opening tomorrow.

But let’s take it from the top.

You started upstairs with mussels escabeche at Aatxe, before descending to this 1930s-inspired lounge: dim lights, wainscoting, tiled floors, maybe some live jazz... (Your slideshow and your menu await.)

From there, you settled into the 108-year-old bar. When the whiskey urge hit: a Golden Era arrived for you (rye, maple sugar, fig leaf bitters), and a Södermalm for your date (rye, vermouth, Cherry Heering). When the raw-bar urge hit: oyster shooters with aquavit. Shrimp cocktail. Caviar.

At some point, you took your date’s hand and wandered back to the five-seat “Viking Room” bar, a bit closer to the stage.

And then:


Corks pop. All champagne, for some reason, seems to suddenly cost half what it usually does. Dollar oysters are everywhere. Excellent life choices have been made all around.

And thus ends the story of tomorrow night.

It’s a feel-good story.

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