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We’re optimists.

The types who think that, in the grand scheme of things, Tuesday is pretty damn close to Friday.

We say this because here’s a tour of all the new parts of Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa, that massive oceanside hotel in the Hamptons, so you can plan your remaining summer weekends accordingly.

Scarpetta Beach
You know Scarpetta. You like Scarpetta. You love its spaghetti pomodoro. Here, it’s got an outdoor terrace overlooking the beach. We’re going to go way out on a limb here and say you’ll feel positively about that, too. For proof, check it out here.

You wouldn’t happen to be planning to brunch while you’re out there, would you? Yeah, we thought not. But in case you have a change of heart, this is where you’ll be for the Delmonico and eggs of that particular meal. Oh, and sidebar: dinner includes a sriracha-mayo lobster roll.

Corso Coffee
Well, it’s a coffee spot (and it’s here). Being in the Hamptons doesn’t make you need coffee any less.

The Regent Cocktail Club
You knew there’d be one. You’ll find the secret entrance behind an armoire, and then you’ll settle into a velvet wing chair and a pretty serious Long Island Iced Tea.

When in Rome.

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