Smoke’s Poutinerie

Fries Wide Shut

You’ve Gone to Poutine Heaven. It’s in Hollywood.

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And now, for the greatest dish ever created...

By Canada.

Meet Smoke’s Poutinerie, an Ontario transplant that never met anything it didn’t want to immediately place atop a mess of fries, opening Monday in Hollywood. You’ll want to see this slideshow.

It’s a strip mall situation on Cahuenga, where people tend to partake in after-dark activities that stoke one’s desire for hand-cut fries under gravy, fresh cheese curds and smoked meats. Quite convenient.

Maybe you’ve been day-drinking with friends next door at District 13 or Stout. You tap a friend on the shoulder, pointing to the door. Dip in here. Something like the double-smoked bacon, pulled pork and Italian sausage Triple Pork Poutine may sound like a decent idea.

Or the fries topped with bacon cheeseburger ingredients. That’s what friends are for.

Or maybe there’ll be a good special. Sometimes they do specials. One time, the Halifax outpost put deep-fried Cadbury Creme eggs on top of bacon fries.

The poutine equivalent of a mic drop.


Smoke’s Poutinerie
1522 N Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028


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