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And Now, Outdoor Brisket at 4505 Burgers & BBQ

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Q: What do a hog wire fence, a succulent-filled shipping container and spicy sausage have in common?

A: Not much.

But you’ll find them all at 4505 Burgers & BBQ Patio. Stay calm: it’s gone from a takeout-in-a-parking-lot situation to a barbecue oasis with three different outdoors-ish areas for you and your meat plates. It’s open now. (First, here’s a slideshow.)

Order a Magnolia Blue Bell Bitter on tap and a brisket platter up front: still the same hot sausage, pulled pork, cheeseburgers... Start by snagging seats at the dark wood banquette. Look around and note that you’re inside a tricked-out shipping container—it’s pretty lush for a steel tube, with planters on the walls and skylights overhead (and a flat-screen for game days, too).

You might wander to the long communal tables that are covered but more outdoorsy. Heat lamps: yes. Proper German-beer-garden vibe: yes.

And sooner than later, on a nice night, you may end up outside-outside.

Under the twinkling string lights, opposite from the wood and charcoal stacks, you may notice a strange contraption in the corner.

That’s where the magic happens.

Magic, in this case, means the roasting of whole hogs.

Usually does.


4505 Burgers & BBQ Patio
705 Divisadero St
(at Grove)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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