Bunker Hill Italian Under the Open Sky

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Dudamel: on point.

Verdi: still got it.

Not their fault you couldn’t stop thinking of Campari under the stars the whole time you were at Disney Hall.

Blame Vespaio, a breezy new Italian place from Ago’s Agostino Sciandri with a damn swell open-air patio, soft-opening Friday in Downtown’s Emerson. (See the slideshow.)

It’s a seriously fetching slice of ’60s coastal Mediterranean breeziness across from MOCA, next door to the Broad and just down from Disney Hall. And it’s open all day. Here’s how to use it between being all cultured and stuff.

Pre-MOCA mochas.
Before deciphering curious piles of someone’s conceptual expression, come here. Pass the extended open kitchen into the café to your right for a cappuccino and a freshly baked cornetto. They really speak to you.

Client lunches can slip into the discreet side room that looks onto the patio. Dinner dates will go full-frontal patio under a retractable roof. And over rotisserie suckling pig porchetta and wood-fired frutti di mare pizza.

Drinks before some show.
There’s a scenic bar on the left in yacht-inspired teak and ash. Take your date and some form of bitter libation to the leather sofas that resemble vintage luggage.

We trust you’ve got enough material to work with.

Okay, bye.


225 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90012


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