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How Millennium Exists in Oakland Now

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There’s this term going around.

Some don’t know where it originated, or how to feel about it.

Two words: “meatless... Monday.”

Discuss with a date at the new Millennium Restaurant—that classy spot that churned out five-course vegan finery under massive chandeliers for two decades before being reborn this very moment in a more casual fashion, and in Oakland. It’s open now.

Here’s your slideshow.

And here’s what’s changed and what’s... uh, still vegan:

Then: Marble. Starchy tablecloths. Heavy drapes.
Now: It took over the former Box and Bells (a meaty gastropub, in case you want to make a joke about that) and it still has that wood-table, steel-beam Box and Bells feel. Until you get to the part about what’s on your plate.

Then: You ate inside.
Now: That, or there’s a back-patio option. Usually not a bad option.

Then: A strong five-course-tasting-menu focus.
Now: More casual à la carte stuff going on. Think: pistachio-stuffed dates, masa tamales... Soon, they’ll add a four-course seasonal menu, their classic five-courser and, yep, brunch. The crowd goes wild. But not, like, steak-wild.

Then: Cocktails and some bottled beer.
Now: Same. Plus, draft beers. Plus, kombucha on tap.

They wouldn’t not have a kombucha on tap.


Millennium Restaurant
5912 College Ave
(at Chabot)
Oakland, CA 94618


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