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An Authentic Thai Charmer in the Mission

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Would you look at that.

Looks like tonight marks the age-old Thai “weekend celebration.”

Traditionally observed by drinking out of a coconut under a wall covered in 99 golden faucets...

Better get to Farmhouse Kitchen, the Mission’s newest spot for authentic Thai in a swanky room that sounds a little weird but totally works—it’s open now.

So, the space: we’re working with Thai-temple-reminiscent gold bricks, industrial lights, the occasional herb or lemongrass planter... here’s your slideshow. You’ll lead your date past the sewing machine (that’s actually a hostess stand) to a table in the back. You know, the one next to the blue wall with 99 golden-and-red-handled faucets for good luck. That one.

The team behind this spot’s the Thai couple who brought us Kitchen Story and Blackwood, and what you do with the menu can go a couple of different ways, depending on your mood:

To play it safe: 24-hour-cooked beef-noodle soup, pad thai, banana-leaf-wrapped salmon...

Or not: green curry with chicken and blood jelly, crispy frog legs, other stuff you’ll find right here...

And to drink, you’ll be handed a full coconut with a straw. Or wine.

You could just have some wine.

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