A Simbal Plan

A Southeast Asian Stunner in Little Tokyo

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If you’ve been searching your whole life for deconstructed banh mi in a hidden restaurant...

It arrives Tuesday.

And nice to see you never gave up on the dream.

Chart a path to Simbal, a creative new Downtowner for dim sum carts, vermouth cocktails and alternative banh mi, now taking reservations for Tuesday’s opening. (See the slideshow.)

On the left: light spills through greenhouse glass onto blond-wood tables, onto your shoulders, onto your coconut-juice-braised pork belly and banh mi deconstructed into a panzanella salad... and onto the dim sum cart rolling by with something the chef felt like cooking. Something that just really needed to be on wheels.

On the right: a moody, dark lounge for slinking into the dusk with a date. Order them a Green Envy (with vermouth, sherry and carbonated green tea) made by Hinoki’s old head bartender. Discuss important/frivolous issues of our times.

And at the center: the 14-seat chef’s table, your celebration seats. That’s where chef Shawn Pham, a Sona/Bazaar vet, will get creative.

He really likes getting creative in increments of 14.


120 San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012


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