BBlessing In Disguise

Art Meets Clothing On The LES

Modesty is often a man's best quality.

Hence our appreciation for unpretentious stores and the unpretentious owners who don't talk too much about them.

Take Sean Shuter and Daniel Jackson, who created BBlessing, a clothing boutique that humbly pays homage to men's fashion, music and art (all under one roof).

Tucked in the heart of the Lower East Side, BBlessing is a funky gallery-meets-shop. Sexy red walls display eclectic photo exhibitions and ceilings are lined with clever fixtures, including a hanging oak table and a crack-pipe chandelier (don't be ignorant—a crack-pipe chandelier is art). The store's clothes are almost works of art too—well-crafted sweaters by Surface to Air and denim by Rag & Bone and Earnest Sewn will outfit you nicely for fall. Toward the back, BBlessing also has its own graphic tees sporting esoteric crests (look closely or you might miss them—this store is all about subtlety).

While you're back there, find the trick door behind the rows of vinyl records...push it open to enter BBlessing's white box of a record lounge (an ode to the days when the store was Breakbeat Science), with turntables (for you to spin a little while you shop) and vintage vinyls for sale.

You may find that a little modesty becomes you.


181 Orchard St
(between Stanton and Houston)
Lower East Side
New York, NY, 10002

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