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West Greenland vs. East Greenland

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If there were ever a country that could be fined for false advertisement, it’s the almost-completely-covered-in-ice Greenland. But you’ll let it slide. Here’s why: there are two new outfits exploring different parts of the island.

Let’s start with Summer Highlights of West Greenland, a 12-day photography-focused jaunt. It’s pictured left and booking now for August.

The region: West Greenland. Think inland glaciers and supraglacial lakes.
The accommodations: Mostly hotels (like one that overlooks the ice fjord created by West Greenland’s largest glacier). Also the occasional primitive hut.
The highlights: Hiking to an ice cap with views of massive basalt cliffs. Dogsledding. Visiting a whaling museum. (See the slideshow.)
The bonus: It’s run by a geologist and glaciologist named Sarah and a professional photographer named Mindy. Your Instagram account just smiled.

Now it’s on to Base Camp Greenland, a nine-day nature trip. It’s pictured right and also booking now for August.

The region: East Greenland. For context: the country’s east coast is called the “Arctic Riviera.”
The accommodations: You’ll spend most of your stay in a safari-style tent cabin with a large private veranda.
The highlights: Boat excursions. Whale and floating-iceberg watching. Meeting the local Tasiilaq people. (The slideshow awaits.)
The bonus: You can drink cocktails chilled with chips of 10,000-year-old ice straight from the Greenland ice cap. So maybe bring the good vodka.


Summer Highlights of West Greenland
via Big Chill Adventures
official website

Base Camp Greenland
via Natural Habitat Adventures
official website


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