Sunny Boy

Fortunate Sun

Pancakes and White Russians in Brookline

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So far, June’s been... wet.

But don’t worry. Here comes the sun.

Correction: here comes the Sunny Boy, a fresh situation from the JM Curley gang wherein you, latkes and milkshakes live together in perfect harmony, now soft-open in Brookline.

Your assigned reading is below:

Mad Max would feel right at home.
Maybe it’s the sheets of corrugated steel and weathered tin hanging on the walls. Could be the mismatched chairs lining the slanted bar. Or even the copper-wrapped tables (the slideshow’s on it).

It’s just breakfast and lunch for now.
On the breakfast front: latkes and house-cured-salmon sandwiches. On the lunch front: burgers and turkey clubs. On all fronts: pancakes. Just as it should be.

But dinner starts next week.
And we have it on good authority that pizza bagels are involved.

The bar’s a throwback.
No, not a pre-Prohibition throwback. We’re talking piña coladas, White Russians and other drinks that would have appeared in season 9 of Mad Men.

The teetotal game’s strong, too.
Chalk it up to cold brew on tap, chocolate milkshakes and housemade cola. Of course, you could always make your milkshake or soda “adult.”

They grow up so fast.


Sunny Boy
1632 Beacon St
Brookline, MA, 02446


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