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Mini-Golf and Burgers Inside a Movie Theater

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Sure, the Blackhawks are an amazing ice hockey team.

But, frankly, your domination of air hockey deserves some recognition, too.

Enter: FTW, a mega merger of bar, arcade and putt-putt that opens Friday in Streeterville. (Here’s a slideshow and a menu.)

It’s from the Lucky Strike people, it’s located on the opposite side of the AMC River East lobby, and there’s a lot that happens in there, so hang on...

The Decor
It’s sort of that steampunk thing. Think Wild Wild West with less Will Smith and more private rooms with bathyspheres that double as private bars.

The Food
Burgers. Chorizo poutine. Oreo-crumbed cannoli. Oh, and roaming carts from which to procure those things.

The Bar
This is where you’ll drink a strong Dark and Stormy or a spicy mezcal cocktail before heading in to see Entourage.

The Games
Everything from Pac-Man to Showdown, a multiplayer four-car demolition derby thing. You’ll win tickets that you can redeem for candy and teddy bears and sh*t. Classic date-in-an-arcade move.

The City Golf 312
It’s a six-hole mini-golf course with scale models of the Board of Trade, the Chicago Theatre, the Willis Tower and a dual Wrigley/Cell ballpark that lights up when you score.

Mini-golf doesn’t take sides.


inside the AMC River East 21
322 E Illinois St
(at Park)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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