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So, Straw’s Menu Is Both Brilliant and Absurd

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Two words: donut burgers.

All right, two more. Lamb cupcakes.

Wait, okay, just a few more. Pizza soup. Fried-chicken-and-waffle Monte Cristos.

Yes. Straw’s menu has always been a little crazy. But The New Menu at Straw sort of takes it to another level. This menu is almost just... irresponsible.

Justice can only be done in photo form, so we went ahead and made you this slideshow, wherein you’ll become shocked (not really), outraged (nope) and ultimately filled with desire for unexpected, playfully sweet-meets-savory cupcakes and burgers and sundaes and popcorn and...

No, really, you kind of need to see this.


The New Menu at Straw
203 Octavia Blvd
(at Page)
San Francisco, CA, 94102


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