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Barnyard in Venice, Now and Then

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Don’t watch the clock.

Just follow these words.

They lead to you having beer and potato-chip-encrusted fried chicken on a beachside patio tonight.

You remember Barnyard—it’s back as of tonight with a new look and a Gramercy Tavern vet in the kitchen, and it’s just different, and if you don’t believe us, check out this slideshow. It will help the subsequent analysis of its transformation. Which begins now.

Then: A minimalist look that was just sort of... whatever.
Now: It’s got a pronounced country twang, kitted out in corrugated metal, distressed leather booths and mismatched wood. Generally, a barnyardier ambience for your dinner (and eventually lunch and brunch) dates.

Then: Kale. Figs. Zucchini. Some meat boards, sure.
Now: A big carnivorous menagerie. With duck confit poutine, charred swordfish belly, monkfish pot roast and potato-chip-encrusted fried chicken. Or a three-meat salad with bone marrow vinaigrette. Maybe... you’ll have... the salad? (See the menu.)

Then: Your Sonoma cabernet and bourbon-barrel stouts were conducted on the covered back patio.
Now: Those will go down on the new outdoor front patio. To see all that Venice has to offer.

And to never be able to unsee all that Venice has to offer.

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