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A Sultry Mid-Century Steakhouse from David LeFevre

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A bunch of admirable Arthurs right there.

None of which ever bothered to smother blue crab on your steak.

Not so with The Arthur J, a retro steakhouse where David LeFevre makes Wagyu pot roast and tops red meat with seaborne proteins, taking reservations tomorrow for next week’s opening. (See the slideshow.)

Enter to find two rooms divided by a big geometric screen carved from walnut. On the left is a black marble bar with blacker leather stools. An ideal place to meet with an old flame over cardamom gimlets and pretend you’re complete strangers.

On the right is a dining room that doubles as your next quick vintage Palm Springs fix, minus the desert heat. It’s all impeccable sixties furniture, pool tile mosaics and teak tables. Basically, they give good mid-century.

And that’s where you’ll probably do dinner. Stuff like wood-grilled, dry-aged tomahawks topped with blue crab or sunny-side-up eggs, and Wagyu pot roasts, with sides of marrow toast.

Oh, and that portrait of the dapper older gentleman in a pink sport coat? That’s Arthur J. Simms, a WWII bombardier, founder of the Kettle and patriarch of the owners’ family.

And owner of sweet jackets.


The Arthur J
903 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266


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