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These Guys Exist to Help You Road Trip

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At last, the weekend.

The long weekend.

You’ve probably already made plans to put your personal effects in a topless vehicle and drive off into the sunset.

As damn well you should have.

But. It’s just...

Next time, maybe make sure All Roads North is involved. It’s a new website and service that exists for the sole purpose of customizing the perfect American road trip for you. It’s online now and here’s a slideshow of places you want to go to.

We would compare this to a road trip butler, but then we’d be saying the words “road trip butler.” So that gets tricky. But just know that the founder traversed America meeting locals, camping in national parks and generally acquiring a bunch of road trip knowledge on your behalf.


—First, get a game plan together. Canyon country. Classic West Coast road trip. Your call.

—Then, tell them about all your four-wheeled hopes and dreams. Your affinity for loggerhead-turtle-watching in Charleston. Your peanut allergy.

—You’ll receive a visual trip summary dubbed a “Journey Guide” that you can either approve outright or request tweaks to.

—And... they’ll take it from there: hotels, reservations, whatever. And you’ll get a phone preloaded with custom apps, playlists and the number to a 24/7 concierge.

Never know when a jerky emergency might happen.

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