Things to do for May 21, 2015

The Weekender

A Long Weekend of Luaus, BBQ and Adult Ball Pits

Find a weekend, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.

Two New Lunches. They’re Good.

Two New Lunches. They’re Good.

The People vs. Lunch

Prosecution: Who needs lunch when you have brunch?
Defense: Consider the evidence. Exhibit A: Fat Rice recently launched lunch with bourbon tea and piri-piri chicken. Exhibit B: Avec is finally doing it, too, with roasted-salmon tartines and a chorizo-bacon burger.
Prosecution: Objection. Too delicious-sounding.

Wed-Sat, 11am-2pm, Fat Rice, 2957 W Diversey Ave, 773-661-9170; Mon-Fri, 11:30am-2pm, Avec, 615 W Randolph St, 312-377-2002, see the menu

A West Rogers Park Restaurant Twofer

A West Rogers Park Restaurant Twofer

#1: El Carrito now exists with three-chili marinated pork, mole fries and an in-house food cart.
#2: Less than a block away, the Rim Seafood opened its BYOB shellfish shack to handle not-so-passing fancies for crawfish and lobster. Summertime and all that.
#3: We can’t remember what this list was for.

There’s a Nice New Patio at the James

There’s a Nice New Patio at the James

Jimmy was always a shy little cocktail bar. Handsome, sure. And irrefutably popular. But still... shy. This Saturday, though, Jimmy ventures outdoors for the first time to a 35-seat patio, where you’ll be privy to lounge seating, bottled cocktails and caviar brandade. You’re doing just fine, Jimmy.

Yep, It’s a Memorial Day Luau

Yep, It’s a Memorial Day Luau

Today, we bring you a cautionary tale of Memorial Day regret and woe. Once upon a time, you decided to forgo the hedonistic indulgences of Deuce’s boozy poolside luau. And the pig roast on their spacious outdoor patio. The end. (Note: you can still fix this.)

Paint. Foam. Giant Ball Pit. Proceed.

Paint. Foam. Giant Ball Pit. Proceed.

Oh, wow. Just... well, you’ll see. Redmoon Theater is hosting a new multi-weekend EDM thing called Daytrip Music Festival starting this Sunday. In addition to the music, there will be: an outdoor paint party, an indoor foam party, a wintry lounge with fake snow and a 700-square-foot ball pit. See?

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