Better Plate Than Never

So Many Options at This Marina Takeout Spot

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Your place.

Got a couple of plates out with some warm, nice-looking food ready.

You shouldn’t have gone to all that trouble.

All that trouble of picking up those plates with the food on them and bringing them home.

It was nothing.


It was Plate, a new takeout-only spot with curbside delivery and a slew of healthy and healthy-ish dinner options handed over on a ceramic plate you take home and heat up and that’s that—opening tonight in the Marina.

You’ll pull up to this small, sleek, wood-walled spot with yellow-trimmed windows. You’ll want to have preordered online, or in their app (that should be launching later this week).

One chef hails from Memphis Minnie’s, and another’s the former owner of a vegan joint—so this place works if you’re in the mood for chimichurri steak and your trainer date back home is more of a tofu-verde-enchilada type.

Or maybe you like the sound of Hawaiian butterfish. What sane person doesn’t. Regardless, it’s a main-and-two-sides situation here, and options change daily. Here’s a sample menu.

And here’s... a slideshow.

And here’s...

The end.

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