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Two Stories of Good Eating on 3rd Street

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Warning: the following two-story building contains words like “organic,” “sustainable” and “delicious sriracha shrimp bowls.”

Didn’t think you’d mind.

Make like a tree and Sweetgreen, a newly imported lunch empire of quick bowls, salads and other things that are actually pretty damn tasty—it’s opening Thursday on West 3rd Street. (See the slideshow.)

Yes: this is, like, the most California restaurant to ever come from the East Coast.

So, let’s see, maybe you’ve spent the morning working on your double-diagonal downward dog at Aura. Now you and a Leto need a quick lunch. Downstairs is heavy on glass, so you’ll bring him up to a white oak table on the mezzanine, where TMZ can’t shoot him munching on a salmon bowl or a deconstructed guacamole salad. It’s got all the ingredients of guacamole, but it’s a salad.

Or—more likely—maybe you just didn’t plan on Old Fashioneds two through five at the Varnish last night. And you seek redemption. Just hit the counter and start designing your own healthy little creation with shrimp, sriracha, avocado and quinoa.

History shall come to know this as your sriracha period.


8055 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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