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So there are these two days coming up.

They comprise the very end of each week.

We guess that, together, you could call them “the week-end.”

And these week-ends now require your presence, with another person, at The Chequit, an idyllic, 140-year-old-plus inn that’s pretty much brand-new, now reopen on Shelter Island.

Let’s get to the need-to-knows and send you on your way: first, you have to get there by ferry, which is kind of delightful. Second, there’s a restaurant and a surf shop coming in June. The restaurant’s called Red Maple, a local-produce and small-plates kind of operation run by a vet of a couple of David Burke restaurants.

Now, on to the tour. We wish we could find a different way to put this, but what you’re about to witness can only be described as porch porn. And it’s... it’s pretty graphic. Just look at this place.


The Chequit
23 Grand Ave
(at Waverly)
Shelter Island Heights, NY, 11965


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