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To Finland for Moose Burgers and Northern Lights

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You have certain expectations when visiting the city that claims to be the official hometown of Santa Claus. Things like:

1. Reindeer farms.
2. Moose burgers.
3. Tiny laborers.
4. Prime views of the northern lights.

But you’d manage if there were only regular-size laborers.

Expect and you shall receive the Arctic Light Hotel, an attractive new place to rest your head, now open in Rovaniemi, Finland.

This building used to be city hall. It was rebuilt after WWII and converted into apartments in 2004. None of that helped you. But now... now it’s a sexy hotel with 57 wintry rooms perfect for raiding minibars and wearing bathrobes and eventually sleeping. (See the slideshow.)

To really get it right, opt for one of the six Aurora lofts. They’re equipped with “sky view” windows so you can lie in bed and see those northern lights everyone’s so fond of. Then, for dinner, try a nice glass of wine and a moose burger from the hotel’s restaurant. Because they serve moose burgers.

And if you’d like to explore the surrounding area, try visiting a reindeer farm. Or canoeing under the midnight sun. Or moose watching.

Great, now you’re hungry again.

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