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Glass Igloos for Spotting the Aurora Borealis

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In a small Finnish town where restaurants, bars and even beds are made of ice...

You’ll find a group of igloos made of wood and glass.

It’s a quirky town.

Behold the Arctic Glass Igloos at the Arctic SnowHotel, a collection of 15 heated, glass-roofed igloos in the Finnish Lapland with views of the aurora borealis, now booking for 2015. (See them here.)

Right, so at the SnowHotel, basically everything is carved from ice—the sauna, the restaurant, the bar... even the tables and glasses inside the restaurant and bar.

And then you’ve got these new igloos. They’re outfitted with actual beds and see-through ceilings, so you can lie there staring up at the northern lights.

But let’s say you become involved in some other activity like sleeping or definitively not sleeping. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the light show. Because the hotel staff will sound the “aurora alarm” at the first sighting of the aurora borealis. That’s your cue to look up.

Then, come morning, you can enjoy a hot in-igloo shower and request some breakfast in bed before heading out to explore the surroundings.

Careful, it’s slippery.


Arctic Glass Igloos at the Arctic SnowHotel
Lehtoahontie 27
97220 Sinettä
+358 40 769 0395
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