Frite Fallin’

A Belgian-Beer-and-Frites-Obsessed Brasserie

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“And then you’ll want to order the beer stew and a couple of kopstoots...”

Oh, that was you telling someone about your night at Belga, a new Belgium-leaning brasserie from the owners of Beretta and Delarosa that’s suitably stocked with 70 brews, opening tomorrow in Cow Hollow. Your slideshow: it’s here.

You remember this spot. Used to be Café des Amis, and those red leather banquettes are pretty recognizable—but it’s lighter now. Airier. More Belgian. So, better beer list. A much better beer list.

You might meet up with some friends after work at the long zinc-topped bar and order a few large-format brews: note the magnum-size Duvel Golden. There are also beer-based drinks like the Loophole (IPA, gin, grapefruit...) and cocktails with a fair amount of glogg. (We just said “a fair amount of glogg.”)

After you’re settled, choose some stuff off the California-meets-Belgium menu. And just like that, you’re inhaling mussels in butter. Chicken-liver mousse. Steak frites. A beef-and-beer stew called carbonade. Here’s the menu.

And if the beer-and-shot thing sounds like a good idea (there’s a time, there’s a place), just say the word “kopstoots” and a Bavik-and-fernet or a Duvel-and-oude-genever combo will appear.

That doesn’t happen everywhere.

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