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Eric Greenspan’s Magical Patio Hideaway

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You never know what you’ll find at grilled cheese shops.

Wait, yes you do. Grilled cheese.

But sometimes also ridiculously enchanting patios serving clams.

This happens to be one of those times.

Thanks to Maré, a beyond-enchanting courtyard where Eric Greenspan is cooking intensely flavorful, shellfish-packed broths and whole branzino for you and someone you like, now open on Melrose. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Take your date’s hand and walk into Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese. Keep going. Until you’re fairly sure you’ve illegally trespassed into somewhere you shouldn’t be in. Now open the walk-in fridge.

Suddenly, you’re standing in some affluent European brood’s bewitching garden hideaway under jasmine and open sky. One with a healthy candle-and-citrus-tree budget.

You’ll assume a two-top and start soaking in the nice ambience. Then you’ll feel good about the whiskey, muddled fig and oregano cocktail that appears.

Before the steak with urchin butter or whole branzino, everyone’s starting with their choice of clams, mussels or shrimp in broth options like spicy sausage romesco, and leek and white wine. And all that hits your table with a slow-cooked egg, fresh bread and unlimited spaghetti.

Running out of spaghetti is the worst.


7465 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90046


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