As the Kronner Flies

A Marble-Clad Burger Joint in Oakland

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Whole bunch of marble usually signals something really important.

The statue of David, maybe. Or a new burger place.

The statue of a new burg... No.

Hey, here’s Kronnerburger, a classy new joint over in Oakland with a bunch of burgers involving marrow and Mangalitsa pork, now soft-open for lunch.

Bar Tartine vet Chris Kronner is behind this spot, and it looks like a modern European art museum’s café. But, yeah, also sort of like the restaurant version of the statue of David. Point is: white. Sleek. Tons of marble. (Take a look.)

You’ll enter the bright corner spot with a few friends. It works in classic-burger-joint fashion: you’ll order at the counter. Maybe peer into the open kitchen, if you’re in a peering mood. Go with the Kronnerburger (it’s got cheddar mayo and bone marrow) or the Mangalitsa Pigburger, because it’s good pork topped with smoked onions, or just because it means you say “Mangalitsa.”


Then, settle into the navy wood-and-leather booth all the way in the apex (it gets narrow in here, you’ll see) with a margarita pitcher or something off the exclusively French wine list. And you wouldn’t do the French-wine thing without a creamsicle soft-serve sundae.

You wouldn’t... right?


4063 Piedmont Ave
(at Glen)
Oakland, CA, 94611


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