The Empire Room

Empire Strikes Back

A Happy Hour Spot Meets Nightclub in the TL

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Unless you already had plans for receiving some pork-fat infused bourbon...

While about to munch a nacho...

And then dancing under crystal chandeliers...

You need to know about The Empire Room, a (sort of random) new cavernous den for innocent-seeming cocktails that lead to memorable late-night happenings, soft-opening tomorrow in the TL. This calls for a slideshow.

It’s the sort of place you’ll come to for happy hour on a Friday, and then suddenly it’s 1am and you’re eating a po’boy in a rocking chair and you’re sort of like “How did I get here?” but you aren’t mad.

How you got here: you started the evening in the candlelit cocktail room, with bark-covered walls. Snagged spots near the fireplace and tried the Spider’s Web (with brandy and Thai chili bitters), or the Little Bag of Bones (yeah, that’s the pork-infused one). Everything was going fine.

Before you knew it, your table was filled with all sorts of sliders, crab rolls and Kobe-beef nachos from the Fine & Rare guys (who’ll be opening a café next door next month).

Then, in the chandeliered club area beyond came the full-on dance party—a common reaction to the Kobe-beef nacho.

That’s how you got here.

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