Ash Is King

An Irish Hotel 800 Years in the Making

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Heads up: people are about to start randomly doing things for you.

Shining your shoes. Cutting your meat. Guarding your back.

We know. Kinda weird.

But it’s just what people do around those who lord over castles...

And you’re destined to lord over Ashford Castle, an 800-year-old Irish castle that’s filled with basically everything you could ever want (and no, that’s not much of an exaggeration), taking reservations now.

The year 1228 was... a really long time ago. So let’s not dwell on the past. Instead, let’s dwell on the fact that this behemoth of a hotel has just reopened after a years-long renovation. One that looks like Highgarden swallowed Downton Abbey. Or if you’re not into pop culture castle references: you can just see what it actually looks like here.

Let’s also dwell on the fact that you’ve got a room dedicated to billiards, a terrace dedicated to cigars, a theater dedicated to movies and wine cellars... well, you get it.

Which are all great if it’s raining. Otherwise, you’ll head outside where you’ll find a lakeside cottage, Ireland’s oldest school of falconry, an equestrian center, a nine-hole golf course and tennis courts.

That’s like five more things to dwell on.

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