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Your Dream French Depot at Pershing Square

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French food.

It doesn’t have to be... you know... French food.

Like if you want a patio-side sandwich with duck prosciutto on a freshly baked baguette, you’re supported. By us. By the French.

And by Pitchoun, a fetching new bakery across from Pershing Square that makes all kinds of nice, casual things French people eat every day from scratch, now soft-open in Downtown. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Close your eyes. Picture an ideal boulangerie in Paris. Now open them. This is kinda like that. Starring vast, carby mountains of fresh baguettes and tarts tumbling across a white marble counter, and tables made from wine staves. Only with some guy in line butchering the French language for some merveilles.

It’d be pretty obvious to point out what a profoundly Euro breakfast stop this makes for tartines, crepes and lattes on a patio with someone who shares your leisurely attitude toward “morning meetings.”

Or for gratifying too-short lunch windows with grab-and-go sandwiches and pork belly salads. Which, by the way... great idea for a salad.

And these guys also serve Frankfurt sausages wrapped in puff pastry with Dijon. They’re called French Hot Dogs.

On account of the metric system.

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