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David Chang for Lunch, Delivered

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It’s a great time to be a person who wants food right now.

And who likes David Chang.

And who’s reading this.

Because you now know Maple, an app that gets you food concocted by David Chang in lightning-quick fashion. It just launched today for iPhone and Android.

Disclaimer: this is only available from Chambers Street and below right now, so that’s tough, but expansion is happening very soon.

With that out of the way, imagine a world where Chang or Mark Ladner from Del Posto or Dan Kluger, who opened ABC Kitchen and Cocina, or Soa Davies from Le Bernardin put their chefly brains to the Herculean task of putting together some lunch and dinner options you’d like. Three apiece, per day, in fact.

You live in that world now.

And so you launch the app and start to see very attractive photos of things like barbecued-pulled-pork biscuits or shrimp biryani (slideshow support found here). Your mind instinctively tells you to touch these photos, which is great, because when you do that, you just ordered that thing and it’s coming to where you are in a half hour or less.

And you were going to go somewhere.

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