Any Sport in a Storm

Something to Help You Find a Sports League

None May’s coming. Memorial Day. Hamptons season. Beach body. Blah blah blah.

Bottom line: it’s time for you to find an organized sport to win.

So let’s get you set up with Wooter, a new web app that lets you find somewhere to play all kinds of sports really easily, now online.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how they could’ve called this anything other than Wooter, and then we’ll move on.


One more moment.

Okay, moment’s done. On to the positives. It goes like this—you fire up the Internet and visit the site. You type in what thing you want to assert dominance in—let’s say, underwater snooker (not a thing... yet). And then it finds every league in the city along with how far each is from you, and gives you a link where you can sign up. Then you do that.

Cut to when the league starts. You play, you’re good. They’re handing you a trophy with a guy holding a pool cue, and holding his breath, and you’re thinking, “I’m so glad I used Wooter, or this never would have happened.”

Sweet underwater snooker fantasy.

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