Air Bud

It’s Like a Weed-Friendly Airbnb

None Well, the weed-friendly version of Airbnb exists.

That’s right. It’s online now, and the founders couldn’t help themselves, apparently—they went ahead and called it Bud and Breakfast.

So you can now resume living life with that knowledge.

Oh... you have questions. Sure.

Q: So, a pot-friendly Airbnb. How does that even happen?
A: It’s a pretty similar interface to Airbnb—if you’re interested, just visit the site, plug in your destination and dates, and scroll around a bunch of places with owners who are specifically okay with guests who want to, well, you know.

Q: Cool. So it’s all legal?
A: The properties are all in places where marijuana is legalized for medical/recreational use.

Q: Is there a bamboo bungalow with a hammock in the Caribbean?
A: Funny you asked. There is.

Q: And what other destinations are there?
A: Spots in Alaska, California, Washington and, yeah, Colorado. Internationally, they’ve got listings in Jamaica and Uruguay.

Q: Anything new coming up?
A: Holland should be joining in the next couple of weeks.

Q: Well, that’s utterly out of left field.
A: Your sarcasm is noted and appreciated.

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