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A Sharp, Modern Diner in Santa Monica

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Old diners.

Great for eggs, coffee and Edward Hopper.

Less great for loup de mer club sandwiches.

Now seems a good time to discuss Ingo’s Tasty Diner, a lovely restoration of a classic Wilshire diner now serving some interesting sandwiches and Old Fashioneds from the Misfit and Luggage Room’s creators, opening at 4pm today in Santa Monica. (Check out this menu. And the slideshow—nice-looking place.)

You’re here for farm-aided comfort food in the old (for LA) Callahan’s. They’ve polished up all the good parts, like the inlaid terrazzo floors and original swooping counter from 1946. Now it’s a lively bar where we envision you at happy hour, feeling kind of Chandlerian over Old Fashioneds with vanilla bitters and the barman’s own bourbon blend. Thankfully, he’s a sharer.

If you’re expecting a date and some dinner, you’ll move instead to a candlelit two-top up front with views of Wilshire through the shades. Or escort them to a sexy black formica table and leather booth. (Is “sexy formica” redundant?)

Then you’ll be deciding between a pancetta burger, one of those loup de mer club sandwiches or a rib chop of sizable size, and along the way, you may want to experiment with green-chili-infused cocktails.

Everyone goes through an experimental green chili phase.

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