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Two Floors of Pizza and Baseball

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Predictions for tonight:

Bumgarner, throwing baseballs off a dirt mound in a variety of ways.

A leather mitt, catching them.

You, facing down some Tony Gemignani slices.

Game night now starts at the bi-level, baseball-obsessed Slice House, a new spot for pizza and stout beer, open now in SoMa.

This red-walled, exposed-brick-and-wood spot (here’s the slideshow) is right near AT&T Park, so you’ll stop by before or after the stadium. Grab seats at the communal table under one of the four giant flat-screens, then take a break from thinking baseball to assess the pizza stats.

On game nights, they’ve got five by-the-slice choices and that’s about it: rotating Sicilian options, and the sweet-sauce-and-basil grandma pie. Tony Gemignani is the name behind this spot, and he’s into ancient-grain dough, so you can basically trust whatever’s coming out of the triple-stacked Italian brick oven.

On non-baseball nights, you’ll be able to settle in with a date for whole pies like the Cal Italia: it’s for those enticed by three cheeses, sweet fig preserve and prosciutto di Parma.

Or the Killing Zoe.

For those more inclined toward meat, spice and random Eric Stoltz movies.

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