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BLD Sprouts an Ice-Cream-and-Donut Shop

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Got this letter today. Kind of weird.

Dear UrbanDaddy Complaints Department,

I’d really hate to have to see another story about ice cream, donuts and coffee today.


We assume this wasn’t from you. You seem sane. So for you, there’s ICDC, Mariah Swan and Amy Knoll Fraser’s sweet new ice-cream-and-donut place you’ve been waiting forever for—it’s opening tomorrow. (Here’s the slideshow.)

This ought to make for a perfect happy place next time you need one of those. Just a bright little room of pastel-striped sunshine that’s hugging BLD, with a tightly edited menu of donuts they make by hand and ice cream so from-scratch they pasteurize their own milk. Also, Australian coffee.

A salt-and-pepper caramel or Mayan milk chocolate donut with a latte in the morning. A post-lunch scoop of Guinness chip or dulce de leche. A shake or an ice-cream-topped affogato donut after dinner. Right. Working those options into your day sure makes sense.

And just imagine the possibilities next time your party’s groggily waiting their turn for brunch at BLD. You’ll dip into here for a grapefruit Campari-filled donut or some donut holes or something, and emerge with coffee for everyone.

Forget the coffee at risk of death.


7450 1/2 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90036


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