Provision No. 14

Provision Quest

Whole Pig Legs and Shareable Cocktails on 14th

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They’re always ready when you need help moving. Or to put in a good word for you. Or just to commiserate with.

But now they’re really going to come in useful.

Welcome to Provision No. 14, a two-level behemoth of a place devoted to large-format and shareable food and drink. It soft-opens Friday in the former Diego space on 14th. (See the slideshow.)

And now for the key points:

A big group. That’s who you’re taking here, what with all the communal high-tops, couches surrounding factory carts and chef’s tables behind old screen doors. They’ve got a 1900-ish vibe going, so you’ll notice old wooden crates, racks of luggage and bar stools fashioned from oil drums.

Massive boards of food. That’s what you’re eating. Sure, you can get small tastes like pheasant sausage in puff pastry. But let’s focus on the communal boards like lamb ribs, or whole suckling pig leg that’s braised, dried and then deep-fried.

French presses. That’s what you’re drinking from. Think gin, Chartreuse and chamomile with grapefruit and pineapple at the bottom. For a plan B, there’s always 16 drafts or frozen drinks like a slushy Moscow Mule.

It’s better than most plan A’s.


Provision No. 14
2100 14th St NW
(at V)
Washington, DC, 20009


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