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A Hot-Pot Table and a Japanese Whiskey Cart

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Everyone, behold the refreshed, new-look Redskins. Ugh.

Or, on second thought, let’s just behold the refreshed, new-look The Source by Wolfgang Puck. It’s now reopened after finishing its first major overhaul in eight years. And it’s far more satisfying than the football team. (Whiskey carts and hot-pot tables will do that.)

Let’s see how things have changed:

Then: You sat at a standard table for four.
Now: You can sit at a four-top hot-pot table, where you dunk multiple courses of Wagyu beef, shrimp and pork belly into a bubbling cauldron of broth. (See the menu.)

Then: You ordered duck.
Now: You and someone else order the Whole Roasted Duckling for Two, presented tableside with many sides and condiments.

Then: There was a sleek downstairs lounge.
Now: There’s a cozier lounge, with tufted sofas and a bookshelf with old volumes of Shakespeare and Twain. (See it here.)

Then: There were drinks and dumplings in that lounge.
Now: There are still dumplings. But also a wok menu, where they’re frying stuff like baby octopus and duck tongues. And there are still drinks. But also carts—one with Japanese whiskey, plus a Bloody cart for Saturday brunch and, coming soon, a punch cart for happy hour.

Sorry, no duck-tongue cart.


The Source by Wolfgang Puck
575 Pennsylvania Ave NW
(entrance on 6th)
Washington, DC, 20565


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