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Ideally, a red-sauce joint should have pizza.

And play Kanye West instead of Mel Tormé.

And the guys from Animal should run it.

We did say “ideally.”

Ideally, it should be Jon & Vinny’s, a charming new neighborhood Italian spot with pizza for breakfast and handmade pastas for lunch and dinner, now open on Fairfax. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Mornings, detour on the way to work for a seat at the counter, a berry-filled bombolone (basically, Italian for donut), espresso... and a parmesan-rosemary-and-potato pizza with egg on top. You’ll get where you were going. Eventually.

Yeah. Eventually you’ll hit the road. Then maybe you’ll work up an excuse to come back for fusilli alla vodka for lunch. If that proves impossible, they’ll deliver.

Or you could always reserve a white oak booth for dinner with friends—lamb agnolotti, and short rib and pork shoulder meatballs. You’ll order Chianti and your date will say, “Great wine.”

That’s when you whisper in their ear about a small, chilly back room called Helen’s, a 1,000-deep wine store, where you could get another bottle of that Chianti to take home.

That is what you were whispering about, right?

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