The Hunt for Red Octavia

Frances’s Bigger, Airier Sister Restaurant

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Rough week.

Everybody’s got the tax sweats.

Might we suggest a clean slate at Octavia, your new go-to neighborhood spot for rare wine and the occasional bowl of squid-ink noodles, now taking reservations and opening tomorrow.

Picture yourself at Frances, in the Castro. Great. The same team is responsible here (same chef, wine guru and general vibe). The main difference is size (bigger space, menu and... wine cellar).

Let’s start like this: dates and group dinners, both viable options. There’s no bar, so snatch seats at the black wooden banquette on the side wall.  Start with one of the eight or nine vermouths, served one of three ways. Go for one on the rocks with tonic, bitters and orange. Go for the house aperitivo with two vermouths, Lillet Blanc and yuzu bitters. Or go for a regular vermouth, served neat. Just... go.

Then, you might request some halibut with toasted pistachio and emerald salsa for the table. Or the squid-ink noodles with green garlic and bottarga.

And a bottle of their exclusive mostly mourvèdre red from El Dorado sounds your speed.

It’s a respectable speed.


1701 Octavia St
(at Bush)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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